Editor Guidelines

The Editorial Board of the Gnoscience Group journals comprise of Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Board Members. They have a responsibility to maintain the overall quality of the journal. Editor-in-Chief remains the chairperson of the board, hence allowed to take the final decision in any regard. To Become an editorial board member for the journal of Gnoscience Group they should have excellent academic record and expertise in the respective journal subject. There is no restriction in the number of the Editorial Board members.

Criteria to become the member of editorial board member

  • Should be a postdoctoral in the relevant topics/subjects
  • Must have at-lest more than 10 publication
  • Should hold some academic position in Universities, Research Institutes or other such organizations.

Editorial Board responsibilities

  1. All Editorial board members must obey the direction provided by the Editor-in-Chief of the journal.
  2. Once the plagiarism check is completed every article will be assigned with an Editor and if the article is in the area of Editor’s research interested, it is expected that assigned Editor will take up the assignment at an earliest possible time. If he or she wants to deny the assignment due to some personal reason, that should also be informed to the Editorial Office at an earliest possible convenience.
  3. Assigned Editor should not have any conflict of interest with any assignment, if so then he or she should decline the assignment stating the proper reason to the Editorial Office.
  4. Editor-in-Chief can take the final decision for any publication-oriented issue
  5. Editor should be responsible for a fast and transparent peer review process, if required Editor may take support from the Editorial Office.
  6. Editors must contribute to the journal by providing an editorial at the time of issue release.
  7. Editors can also refer their colleagues for submitting the manuscript.
  8. Editors can provide the reference of the authors to publish good quality manuscripts in the journal.
  9. Editors must response timely to the editorial office and must review the process within the provided deadline.
  10. Editors can provide new suggestions for the development of the journal.